well tempered motor speed ?

After about 2-3 hours of continuous play, my well tempered motor loses speed affecting pitch during playback. It's solid otherwise. Has anyone experienced this on a WT or any other belt drive motor? Also, the belt is new. I read somewhere that motors need cleaning and lubricating periodically. I appreciate any advice on this issue. thanks!
2-3 hours of CONTINUOUS play?? That's one LONG playing record; is it 2 rpm or something??!!

Seriously, in all my years with my WTT and now my Basis I never had this problem. Since no one else has responded, I would suggest calling or contacting Well Tempered, not sure if lubricating can handle this and they were very helpful to me years ago when I had questions. If the motor is defective and it's under warranty they'll likely send you a new one (and they might even do it if it's not under warranty, if they're like many high-end companies).

By the way, have you been giving the belt a half-twist? Unlikely to remedy this problem, but I always found that the table sounded better with that tweak!
my favorite vinyl shop is moving to savannah next week (best rare jazz and blues selection i've seen anywhere-even Chicago), so I've been stocking up since there isn't any place else around here...thanks for the heads up on the belt twist! It does sound a bit more lively. I'll keep trying that to see if it helps the pitch problem.
What's a half-twist? Do both elbows have to be on the table?
Take the belt at the pulley on the motor and just twist it so the side that was contacting the pulley is now on the outside, that's all! Don't need lemons, elbows on the table, playing partners or the like. One of the original tweaks for a very tweakable TT. I don't know if the belt twist will solve the problem, but it's worth a try anyway, and it does improve the sound for some reason.