Well Tempered motor

Does anyone know what goes into the "internal balancing circuit" that is then tuned for each motor? Is this balanced power with some kind if trimpot on one leg of the power to minimize vibration?$450 seems like a lot to pay for another synchronous motor with this built in.
Cadet- I think they'll do an upgrade to an existing motor for somthing like $300 or $350. This would bring both the motor and "balancing circuit". I went another route entirely and replaced the motor with the Origin Live DC motor for $500. No regrets!

Feel free to drop me a line if you wish to discuss.


Since this thread is talking about WT motors, could you share with us the sonic improvements that you experienced by going to the OL motor? Also, did you consider any of the upgraded components such as the beefed up power supply?

I'm considering replacing my motor, square version, with the OL.

Much appreciated,

Steve M.
Steve- The OL is much quieter, giving the table a blacker background. Check out the thread "A Simple Test" to hear how much noise is being introduced by your motor. If it is what mine was with the WT motor, you might want to consider the OL as motor noise in it is nearly non-existent.

Dynamics are also considerably improved. Don't know if it's due soley to the lower noise floor or if it's more to do with better speed stability or a combination of the two, but it's a very nice improvement.

As far as the OL power supply upgrade, I decided against it as I figured that it wasn't the biggest bang for the buck. Plus I have a dedicated AC circuit with it's own ground and an AC conditioner that cleans up the power pretty well so the basic power supply can do it's job efficiently. Even without the extra 120VAC treatments, you're getting almost all the way there with the DC motor and basic power supply. Jay at Audio Revelations will let you upgrade the basic power supply to the premium one with a full credit in 30 days, so you can try the basic and move up if you feel the need. Heck, he might even loan you the upgrade if he has an extra one kicking around and let you decide.

thanks for the input. The origin live motor option sounds like a good one. Has anyone tried a teres motor with the well tempered?
Cadet- Teres is too tall, as I recall, plus you'd need to install the sensor in the plinth (drill a 1/4" hole) and the strobe disc under the platter. OL was the only one with a chance of keeping the original look of the WT. BTW- if you're looking on OL's site for applications and installation, I had compiled the WT installation instructions that appear there- you're welcome to contact me directly if you need some clarification on the install.