Well Tempered Labs Record Player, thoughts on a used one?

Very intrigued by a Well Tempered Labs Record Player that is up for sale right here.....

Looks like a lot of detail changes to what I would consider the "norm" for a turntable certainly in the tone arm area.
Anybody had experience with these?
Are they as fiddly to set up as they look like they maybe and if so are they worth it in the final results?
Thoughts at all?
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i know two people w Amadeus and have heard one of the systems. Both owners love them. One has an issue as yet unresolved w hum , The other gets stellar sound.
certainly an unconventional but brilliant arm....
my sense is they punch far above weight pricewise.. IF no issues. ( like most used tables )

was hoping mr_m would weigh in


have fun, enjoy the music for sure