Well Tempered Labs out of business?

Can anyone clear up whether or not the Well Tempered Turntable is actually in production? I have been unable to contact them through their website.
This is addressed in the latest (March) Stereophile. George Stanwick of Stanalog has taken over the product. www.stanalog.com. Long live the Well Tempered. A great product.
Call Transparent Audio... they could tell you. :)
Transparent Audio still sells Turntables and parts.
Phone # is 207 284 1100.
Thanks for the responses, but I have tried to contact Stanalog for 4 weeks now, they won't answer the phone, or return my e-mails. I called Transparent Audio, and they told me that they have turned everything over to Stanalog.

Any one else have these problems contacting Stanalog?
When I e-mailed Transparent Audio some months ago, they had no dealer representation for the Well-Tempered; if you wanted one, you just had to buy from Transparent without audition. Hopefully Stanalog distributorship will let people actually hear the product.
I have the same issue with Stanalog. No response when you call and leave a message. Unfortunate considering the turntable is a great product. Existing owners are probably captive.
I've also not had any luck at getting through to Stanalog with either e-mails or phone calls. I did order some WT items a few months ago (belt, protractor, etc.) from their website which was very quick and responsive. The items arrived within days of my order.
I spoke with George @ Stanalog (factory rep for WT) at length less than a month ago-- I found him rather gracious with his time, and extremely friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful regarding the line.

He did remark that he IS extremely busy-

As far as the thought that there is no support for WT --- I call BS.

I am indeed a WT owner and have no association to Stanalog other than a very pleasant, live, for real discussion regarding a question. Solved!

In the holiday spirit - I wish everyone an awesome new year!

OH-- as far as the WT goes --- I love mine!