Well Tempered lab

Does anyone now what the fluid is in the turntable?
The fluid packs are available through Stanalog, the viscosities for the arm and bearing are different and not interchangable.

Since the fluid packs are inexpensive, I have never wanted to use anything other than what WT calls for.

It is silicon. The platter bearing is much thinner than the arm damping fluid which is almost like thin grease. If you are thinking of finding some locally rather than paying the high price for the oem stuff you may or may not end up with the intended sound of the table. I don't know what the actual viscosities are.
Try turntablebasics.com and ask for the silicon damping fluid with a rating of 300,000 cst. I owned a well tempered for many years and the viscoscity of the 300,000 cst product is similar to the original well tempered arm damping fluid. The degree of damping of course is determined by how deep one lowers the arm paddle into the silicon so I would'nt worry too much about a perfect match.
I just have to laugh -

Yes, it IS just silicon, but using anything other than the viscosities designed for the arm is akin to sending your wife to Walmart for a boob job.


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I agree with Focusedfx, the Stanalog fluids are cheap enough that it makes no sense to use anything else. Here's the link:


I've found George Stanwick to be very helpful when I've had questions about my WTRP.