Well tempered gta and Allnic 1201 which cartridge?

I currently am using a Hana el and assume that’s my weak link considering my new table and phonostage.

any users of both?

Thanks for the response 

have you tried a vdh frog?

i am leaning towards the emt
I haven't on the Amadeus. The VDH would be an interesting option. My guess is more open, and exacting than the Tsd-15. I assume that would hold true with the tsd-75. I think the Tsd strikes a nice balance with a big bold sound, but still with good resolution. The Denon with ruby stylus not quite as resolved, but nice drive, sort of bottom to top sound. Very full sounding, and forgiving of less than stellar rock recordings. A real nice cartridge for rock, but with the best recordings like Aja or Love Over Gold, one may crave more resolution. I have not owned VDH in too many years to give an informed opinion. It was MC-1 special or MC 10 special, on a Basis/Graham combo. 

I used that same phono pre with a WT Amadeus for a while and did a lot of research and tried out a few different cartridges.  I went from the Ortofon Rondo Bronze to the Dynavector XX-2 to a Transfiguration Orpheus.  They all sounded great, but in the end the Orpheus was my favorite, which I still use with my Amadeus.  I wanted to try the EMT line as many use it with the Amadeus and love it, but never did.

I don't think you can go wrong in your system with any of those cartridges, though.

I also briefly tried a Koetsu Rosewood longbody, but even using a lot of damping fluid in the cup (which is what they say to do with that kind of cartridge that needs a high mass arm) I was having issues with tracking and sibilance, so I gave up on it and went back to the Orpheus.

I went with a modded emt, very nice match up
I think the EMT line fly's under the radar...Certainly in the states. Did you get the Brinkmann EMT?  Does the Allnic have a built in SUT? Not that you will need it, but most MC tube phono sections do employ SUT's.