Well Tempered Classic - any advice before buying?

For my second system I'm thinking of buying one. Is there anything I should know? Are there various versions? Some better than others? Known issues?

What can you tell me?

Table is pretty bulletproof; Classic is, as you may know, a name for what was at one time, their only table. I still have one of these old ones, which has a newer motor, the black platter, a heavy brass aftermarket clamp around the fluid cup, some changes in the arm--- which may be one area where the Classic improved on the original, not sure-, plus fresh belt, fluids, etc., all of which can be sourced from George Stanwick at Stanalog, who is, I believe, still the distributor and would be a good source for info. Mine has performed like a champ for years, but honestly, I rely on someone more skilled than me to set up the arm. Mine is not currently in use, but I'm sure I will pull it out at some point for a second system.
Whart, thanks. I know the phono stage matters for this question, but what characteristics should I be looking for to match a cartridge to the well tempered classic arm?
THey are in fact well-tempered. But they are not EVEN tempered and it will resent being in your second system and not your first. Try music hall for second systems.
I used, at different intervals, all with success: A Lyra Parnassus; a Van de Hul hi output moving coil and god knows what else, probably a Grado Reference. Again, George Stanwick would be a good source for info.