Well Tempered bearing old vs new

Do all Well Tempered platter bearings, both original and the latest, have the 5 suspension points?

I recently picked up a WT Record Player (2nd gen Transparent era) and the platter leans forward and to the right. My belts must be too stretched out to pull it back into proper position. I was wondering if the latest tables with thread belts offer enough tension to pull the platter into position?
The answer to your first question is yes, both designs have five contact points which support the platter bearing. I do not think that you could use the newer thread belts on one of the older tables since the pulley design is different for a flat rubber belt vs. the thread belt. I think that you should try to find a correctly sized rubber flat belt like the original design used.
It is a 35.1 inch belt and readily available through many vendors. BTW, your belt is stretched out.
Bill_k ...

I've owned an original WWTT since it was new in the 1980's. The belt needs to be changed out about every two years ... even if you don't think it needs to be changed. Over time the speed accuracy diminishes. When you change out the old belt for the new one, you can definitely hear the difference in speed, dynamics and tonal balance.

I just replaced my belt about two months ago. I opted for a custom belt built by


They are located in the UK. Its an excellent company, reliable ... and their belt actually transformed my TT. You can imagine how many belts I've been through over the past thirty-some years ... and there has been nothing that compares with the originlive belt. Not even close. Highly recommended ... and the good news is, they are just about the same price as an ordinary replacement belt. Hope this helps ...

Happy listening ...
Oregonpapa - Good lead on the replacement belt available from OL. They are a first class operation and very reputable. I run their top of the line Enterprise-C tonearm and it is superb.
I apologize for confirming that the old and new bearings both have five contact points, as that may have apparently changed in the newer designs as pointed out by Mr-m.
As a test, I switched the black platter and larger spindle from my WTT with the smaller spindle and acrylic platter from the WTRP, leaving the bearings in their respective plinths. The black platter and larger spindle ride properly on the WTRP bearing. The acrylic platter and WTRP spindle ride better on the WTT - that might be because the motor is moved back pulling the belt with greater tension. Such a puzzle.

On the advice of Art Dudley, I spit an older stretched WT belt, took about 1.25" out of it, and glued the ends together with Crazy Glue. NOS WT belts are neoprene, not rubber. Worked great.

I'm planning to get the WT thread belt pulley for the WTT.
Gvoth ...

Listen to the table for a few months ... then get the originlive custom belt. You will be more than happy you did.
If possible, get away from stretch-y belts and try to find a suitable belt that is as non-compliant as possible.
Oregonpapa what is the belt size for the WT original table. I assume it has to be in mm for the UK.
Jwm ...

You have to measure your existing belt. If you measure in inches, the guys in the UK will figure it out for you. Its all explained on this site: www.originlive.com

Honestly, its an amazing upgrade. When you first hook it up, you'll be amazed at how much more torque the table seems to have. The speed control is right on the money. Interestingly, you will hear the belt gradually break in over the first two hours. You'll think its great right off the bat, but after two hours, you'll be shaking your head wondering how a piece of rubber could make that much of a significant difference in your sound quality.

I'm tempted to try their mat on my acrylic platter. Maybe I'll start a thread for any input from other members.

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