Well tempered arm

Hi! Can any one tell me the cst rating on the silicone damping fluid for the WTA?? Also, I've seen a couple of comment about using STP engine treatment as a substitute???? Any other substitutes for the fluid that are easier to obtain than silicone?
Thanks in advance for any comments and suggestions. Joe S
Joe- I wouldn't use STP as it might eat the fishing line. Besides, $12 to be assured of getting the correct stuff isn't a big deal on a $3000 table. (Plus, they pack it in a special bottle that makes it easy to use.) Yeah, it's probably something that, if you found out what it is (and it's not that special), could be had for about $50 a gallon, but then what?

Obtaining the fluid is a breeze- just call them to order and they'll send it right out.

BTW- I just did a Origin Live motor upgrade and replaced the rubber belt($50- Yikes!!) with a silk string($2) on the Classic. Nice improvement- quieter, more natural.