Well Tempered Amadeus

I am curious if anyone has heard this turntable/arm combo? The reviews I have read are practically over the top with praise using terms such as nearly perfect, can't be beat for the price etc... If anyone has heard it, how might it compare to say the Scoutmaster.

Bob, are you a current owner or someone who is thinking about the WTA? Personally I've found the lightweight arm incredibly easy to lift and cue.
Hi Ghunter,

I'm kind of thinking about getting a WTA (and also kind of thinking I really shouldn't spend that much). My concern is that my hand just isn't steady enough to handle the arm safely. I've seen the video demonstration on the Amadeus blog and tried the same method on my current arm. Scraaaaatch! I'm not really THAT old and shaky (yet), but I ain't quite as steady as I used to be, either!
Hmm, I guess only you can be the judge of how shaky your hands would be but short of a neurological condition I can't see how the WTA wouldn't be easy to handle. Remember that the arm design on this table is very unique and it doesn't sound or handle like other tables on the market. I'm sure if I'd tried it this way on my VPI tables I would have had poor results as well.
Thanks for the info, Ghunter. Damn thing is that I was in a shop that had one. But at the time, I wasn't there to look at turntables, so I didn't try it. I don't think I even noticed that it didn't have a cueing lever. I like Firebaugh's maverick ways!

it easy to cue the the arm,don't worry,