Well Tempered Amadeus

I am curious if anyone has heard this turntable/arm combo? The reviews I have read are practically over the top with praise using terms such as nearly perfect, can't be beat for the price etc... If anyone has heard it, how might it compare to say the Scoutmaster.

I have had my new Amadeus for about two weeks now. The tonearm is extremely light and damped and therefore quite simple to easily move and control for all functions. Because of those characteristics, it was an easy adjustment for me to make, going from a tonearm with a cueing lift mechanism to the Amadeus tonearm's spartan mechanics. And it is one hell of a turntable! YMMV, of course.
Ghunter said: The WT has so much more life and sounds anything but sterile. - Congrats on the new table. I have heard it twice, and it sounded very good indeed. I am curious about your anything but sterile comment. Was there someone earlier on in the thread who suggested it may sound sterile, or was the comment more in comparison to your VPI SM setup.
The sterile comment was in reference to my VPI setup. It was excellent sound, but the WT has so much more life to it. I'm also hearing small details that I never knew existed in my records, like echos on voices and guitars and resonance on acoustic instruments.

After adjusting the table a little bit, everything is locking in and I am going from "quite happy" to "absolutely ecstatic" with this change.
Thanks for your comments. It really seems to be a special product. I am thinking about either downgrading or simply getting rid of my digital setup in favor of a second TT. The Amadeus is certainly my main prospect. Hope this all helps the OP.
I have recently added a Herbie's 5mm Turntable Mat and Supersonic Stabilizer to my Amadeus GTA, and the differences are astounding.


A much quieter background and deep well-defined bass are the results, with no perceived negatives. The reviewer for the Absolute Sound was right when he said that isolation would help this table. I believe I've taken the sonics up a notch again with these simple isolation tools.