Well Tempered Amadeus

I am curious if anyone has heard this turntable/arm combo? The reviews I have read are practically over the top with praise using terms such as nearly perfect, can't be beat for the price etc... If anyone has heard it, how might it compare to say the Scoutmaster.

Lovin' this deck more and more. Wait until I can get some new records (used). The golf ball still confounds me but when I listen I am pleased.
How are others setting theirs up as far as tonearm setup. I have messed with damping both up and down have noticed improvement in bass with a little more of the golf ball submerged, thoughts? Advice? Cheers..
Jim, you need some larger photos on the website. Even on the order page where it says "click to enlarge" the enlarged photo is that same postage stamp-sized photo that shows nothing.
Hi Creativepart,

Thanks for the observation. If you've looked at the rest of our website, then you know that we like to have LARGE photos of everything. The WTL photos were the largest that we could get for now. Hopefully we can do better with the next batch of turntables that come in.

The click to enlarge thing in the online store doesn't make it much larger. We're limited there on size as well.

If you or anyone want any closer-up photos, please let me know and I will try to take some of the demo turntable that we have here.

Happy listening.

Jim Pendleton
Osage Audio Products, LLC
Go to the source, Monty...

At the WTL blog, found through the "Resources" page at welltemperedlab.net:


hope this helps....
Still loving the Amadeus and have gotten superlative customer service from Mike at Dynavector/Well Tempered. Product support along with a wonderful and quirky design has me smiling. Now time to save for a new cartridge and some more vinyl.
The deck offers all the adjustments that I needed for my setup. Admittedly I am not one of the tweaking VTA etc. types but who knows, perhaps
when I get more adventurous. For now it just seems great sounding, cannot go into review like prose, but this does seem to be a fun but well thought out version continuing the unconventional great sounding Well Tempered legacy. Try to find one and at least give it a listen. Four?