Well Tempered Amadeus turntable, giant killer?

From all that I have read, it seems to be a giant killer, but no discussion here. I am probably going to buy one as soon as I get back to my main system.
Stereophile and a random collection of persons who post their views here and elsewhere on the internet are about equally credible. Meaning both should be taken with a grain of salt, and neither is a substitute for direct experience.

I have joked about it before, but it really is truly amazing that I have not seen one post from an owner of an Amadeus who is not thrilled with it. Not just "happy", but full of superlatives.

A cueing lever is now an option for all the current Well Tempered TTs. A nice addition.
Lewm, your last paragraph made me stop and think.
Several "owners" were talking about the very same on Saturday.
And it's still true- I don't think about it much- but when I do, the looks of it and all, I think well, I've had much better looking tables, I've had some very flashy ones, some of the big name coveted ones... But when I play a record on the Amadeus, it quietly puts all those other tables back in the mental cobwebs, and all I hear is music, like none of those tables gave.

Class A? Does anyone other than their advertisers or those that are deaf even pay attention to that anymore?
The Amadeus IS the giant.

Does the tonearm hold stable azimuth all across an LP?