Well Tempered Amadeus turntable, giant killer?

From all that I have read, it seems to be a giant killer, but no discussion here. I am probably going to buy one as soon as I get back to my main system.
I had the Classic 1 and now have an Amadeus. Even though it is a nice table, there's nothing the Classic does better than the Amadeus when it comes to the sound. The only reason there would be to get a Classic over the Amadeus is if you want more of a "standard" design and don't mind the decrease in performance.

Has anyone listened to a VPI table w/WellTempered Arm on it.Perhaps it's the Arm that is giving the advantage to the Amadeus!?
While I've always thought the VPI arms were their weak link, I doubt a WTL arm would help. Conversely, it seems the strength of the Amadeus is the table and arm together. That's how Firebaugh worked on it, so it would make sense.
It is written on these pages that the VPI arm is not a good arm, yet it is put in the A category by Stereophile/Absolute Sound.
FWIW, i used the original Well-Tempered for years, with a few tweaks,
there was a 'well-damped clamp' or somesuch, a massive brass clamp that
surrounded the fluid cup below the arm (not a mfr.-issued upgrade). I think I
may have upgraded the motor and arm tube at some point, and did
upgrade the platter at one point (all of these were upgrades thru well-
tempered). The TT performed yeoman's service for the better part of 20
years. I used it in a fairly revealing system, with various Van de hul's, then
a Lyra Parnassus, SP-10 ARC preamp, various ARC tube power amps
(ending with Classic 60) and a pair of Crosby Quads. The table gave me a
very high level of musical performance, perhaps not the last word in deep
bass (but the Quads were never about deep bass anyway). While that table
has since gone to another owner (who was joyful at getting it) and I have
moved on to bigger, 'better' tables (currently using a Kuzma XL and
Airline), I can say, based on my experience with the original table, that it
more than held its own in a relatively serious system.