Well Tempered Amadeus setting question

Hi,i just setting finished my WT Amadeus TT,but i don't know is it right?before i setting the Amadeus,i read a manuel,and they say the golf ball must place central in the bearing cup,is it need absolutly in center?or......,because if i place the golf ball in center of the bearing cup,my cartridge(Benz Micro Ebony) cannot parallel to the protractor,so now i setting the golf ball is little bit close to the bearing cup but not touch and so the cartridge can parallel to the protractor,so is it correct?thanks
Who's your dealer? that can be easily addressed...
Also, look on Audio Circle, there's a poll/thread going for the WT tables, you'll find help there to your question.
or call Toffco, the WT distributor.
Hi Chashasl,in my country is no WT dearler.so in your experience,is it the golf ball have not touch the bearing cup that is correct?thanks
Where are you located? Contact Mike Pranka at Toffco in the USA, or John Burns at Pear Audio in England.
I am not an expert at setup, only listening, but I would say yes, the ball should not be touching the cup. Mine is directly in the center. Now, you can change the sound by moving the ball up and down in the fluid.
Hi Chashas1,I solve the problem,Thanks
I have seen the well tempered set up at a dealers and the ball was centered