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Hello Frends,
I have a Well Tempered Clasaic, which is in good order, but the arm is a mess, there is no way, it can be fixed!!
1. I've contacted, the Aust contact, 3 times, no return, a lot Aussies, complain, that purchaes, are not here, but online overseas!!
Can someone advise me what, tonarm, I can replase, that will fit, my TT, a Well Tempered Arm would be nice, but have not seen this on this site
I love my TT, can someone advised, me on a turnarm?
I have read, that is a turntable, arm called RS-A1, where itb can put on TT, with any drilling?, any more Regards
David Spry
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I have at times do see the WTT tone-arm here on the GON for very good prices and would suggest buying if reasonable. I also can't see why your present arm can't be rebuilt unless the shaft is bent? I would try contacting William H Firebaugh directly I believe he is kicking and should be the best of help with your arm problem...the best of luck
Stereophile, when they had the WTT recommended, noted that it had extremely limited ability to take other arms (not impossible, but very difficult). I'd suggest you get another Well-Tempered arm, the turntable was designed with that arm in mind. Others who have managed to get other arms on it may be able to help.
Thanks Friend
I wish to purchase a new arm, here in Aust, very rare!!
Can You suggest, what web sites, might give me a anwser?, and where I might secure, a arm or the purchased, of the Well Tempered Labs, sigature, but they were produce omly 55 well wide?
Many Thanks
According to the Well Tempered website (www.welltemperedlab.net), the Australian distributor for Well-Tempered is Dynavector Systems, 29 O'Connors Road, Beacon Hill NSW 2100, www.jdaudioonline.com.aa,
[email protected] If they can't help, I would suggest either finding a used one here on Audiogon or contacting Bill Firebaugh directly at Well-Tempered, as Schipo suggests. Also, Schipo asks a good question, what happened to the arm to make it irreparable?
Davey, you may be in luck. If you are willing to buy a used one from the USA, there is one offered in the Tonearms section right now for $250 (usd). It might be worth the shipping delay, after all, Mate, you're probably going to want to keep that table for a long tie.
I have an original aluminum, one lug arm tube somewhere. Do you want it? I upgraded years ago to the carbon two lug headshell.
Hello Frends
Thanks very much for you responce!!
The Aust people are treating me like I was no one. The person that has advertised, is no better, no contact, after two emails!!
Has anyone a direct email to Bill Firebaugh, so I can sort the above, I have money to spend, but no one seems to help, I do remember, some people complaining, about customer service, with the Well Tempered
Many Thanks
David Spry
See my post above, it has the Well-Tempered website address, where you can contact them directly.
To all, I'm new to this "Rcprince has sent me a conntact, with a post how to I go about it
Many thanks