Well-recorded Satie?

I finally broke down a year or so ago and bought an Erik Satie disc to see if it was up my alley. Well it was and I've worn it out. It's one of those "Essential Classics" put out by Sony. Yeah, you know the series with the bright yellow "Why Wonder? Start Here!" sticker on the cover(who says advertising doesn't work?). Is there a definitve recording of Trois Gymnopedies and Trois Gnossiennes?
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I'd go for the Pascal Roge versions (digital) on Decca, which I assume are still available in some form. The Ciccolini performances are often considered definitive, but the piano tone on the recordings, early and late, is not flattering.
ditto on the pascal roge recommendation....one of my favorite cds...mehran
A third for Pascal Roge...
I guess it's unanimous.
OK, I'll be the contrarian: Aldo Ciccolini, EMI ASD 2389
Nothing wrong with the piano tone heard here on LP, even the Angel pressing sounds good. ;-)
And, for those who can't find the LP, the Ciccolini has been reduced to CD. I recommend it in either format, with LP preferred.
I'm going to have to get the pascal roge disc, I enjoy Satie's music, though I find most recordings to have very poor sound quality. I high quality recording with a great performance would be a wonderful addition to my music collection- Thank!
I like Steve Hackett's 'Sketches Of Satie'.
Here is AMG review and song titles.
Nicely recorded (June 1992) Satie/Messe de Pauvres (17:13) performed by Christopher Bowers-Broadbent/organ from Gorecki/Satie/Milhaud/Bryars; ECM New Series 1495.
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