Well, it was 50 years ago today.....

Being only 5 when SP was released,it isn't one of those events one can recall from their childhood. I'm certain my older brother who went out and bought a copy has one.

I do however, remember the album in heavy rotation for years along with the rest of the Fab4 catalog. 3-4 records stacked on the Grundig tube console!

While not a super fan, the Beatles are in my desert Island collection. I just have clean period Capitols and a couple of the mono RI's. I DO NOT have the mono SP. 

Does anyone have the new anniversary stereo copy? I'm undecided which to get. Mono or this new copy. It does seem like a fun listen with all the extra stuff.

Are you liking the new copy over any version you may have?

I do like the mono RI copies I have, but equally enjoy the odd stereo generic Capitols.

One of my rare moments I buy a "new" record. 


CB is my favorite -- check her European Tour 1977

MR recently joined CD and this gig simply rocks check this one out too!

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aparently audiogon know how to fill up vowels do you?
only dummies respond with hate and anger to laughs and humor wontcha agree?

tablejockey, there's a short thread in the Music section here already with a few comments from folks who have the new stereo mix.  Also, you can go on Amazon and listen to 30-second samples of each tune (including the tunes on the other discs with alternate takes and chat).  Not the highest quality, I'm sure, but enough to get an idea of the mix and how it compares to previous versions.
I have the new stereo mix, which includes alternate takes.

Tostadosunidos-yes, after scrolling down  I did see the thread, thanks.

czariivey- everyone can interpret and react not as expected. Especially in a forum.If the moderators deemed it out of  bounds.....oh well.

Your response included SOB, which can get interpreted as...yet the moderators see no foul there. So, I thought my response  as no different. 

If you feel it's with hate and anger, no. Raised an eyebrow and trigger a response? Yes.

Yes SOB is Soon Over Babalooma which is the album of band Can.
Speaking of "Soon Over Babalooma" will less likely trigger emotion than speaking of SOB.
Oh these accronyms aren’t they’re annoying or haven’t you been talkin’ about Rude Island?
So truthfully, not angry at all, but yes anoyed by accronyms, and, well, don't care much about going where everyone occasionally goes anyways...
This is probably the first time here on AG that I've seen more acronyms displayed than one might encounter in a NASA press release to it's staff.

Or a really 'deep discussion' of software types...alphabet soup in a blender.

A new variant of English:  Anguished. *smirk*

Acronym-ed: AvE (You saw it here first...*L*)
"Yes SOB is Soon Over Babalooma which is the album of band Can. "

czarivey-As I advance into "old age" I sometimes find myself dismissing younger listeners because of their lack of awareness in R&R history.

Looks like it got ME this time! I've only heard of the band in a few random mentions here and there over the years.  Thanks to Wiki, I'm now informed as some of the know it all millennials! 

I thought of the Dutch band Focus while reading their history.

Back to topic, going with this new reissue and hopefully it's QC is as good as the mono copies I've purchased.