Well here's my entry level $2500 system

I thought if I looked around enough I should be able to put together a nice sounding system for $2500. Here's what I came up with:
Cherrywood Totem Sttaf speakers ( gotta have the cherrywoods)
Vuum 30 watt tube amp
Opera Audio Consance 120 Linear CD player
Glowpower IC
All demo or clearence equipment from dealers.

It's not a high end setup, but it sounds pretty good to me.

If you got all of that for $2500 from a dealer, especially if it came with warranty, I would say you did pretty well for yourself. I'll bet it sounds pretty darn good too!

Enjoy the music. That's what it's all about......

Nice going - you must drive hard bargains - great value - enjoy the beautiful finish of those Totems - gotta love cherry wood.
Ok, time to post your Virtual System. I'd love to see it over there. We need more highly effective, low cost systems posted.

I am at a bit over $3,000- with my digital playback system -Still very much entry level in every way but the sound. Alon Model 1 speakers w/LCY Supertweets, speakers 2nd owner$600- tweets new $500-, Bryston 4B amp- $500- 2nd owner. Conrad Johnson PV10 Pre amp w/Telefunken Line stage tubes-2nd owner $650, Sony CDP X77ES used $500 w Krell Stealth DAC $500- Signal Cable Bi Wires with Kimber PJB, IC's. I am VERY happy with the music this system makes, It will shake the walls with Led Zep or bring tears to your eyes with a symphony. I took my time and bought used but in primo condition. The last peice was the Krell DAC and that brought it all together beautifully.
I recently inherited about 500 lp's and did my homework and purchased the first new component of my system a KAB 1210 M5G Technics table with Goldring 1042 Cartridge for a bit under $1k. My existing Preamp happens to have a fine phono section so it works well together. I am enjoying listening to records again for the first time in about 30 years and I am very happy with the Kab tt. So overall I am probably close to 5k for both analog and digital and listen almost daily, I even had the wife singing along to a Simon and Garfunkel lp last night- so much better than tv. I think the most important element in this system is synergy among components followed closely by room acoustics = beautiful sounding music in my house. I'll take some pics soon and post them to my virtual system
good job --but just wait and see how long it remains stable before you upgrade--:):)