Well... guess I have to jump in the rabbit hole of speaker cables... lol

I just bought a pair of 10 T’s and am having a raspy edge on the high end. I contacted Mr. Kelly at Aeriel Acoustics and I sent the tweets to them for an evaluation...  tweets are in good shape! I have replaced everything in the system except the spk cables... I bought BJ cables the 10 ga. Belden etc. I have a dear friend in the high end audio business and is sending me a higher end pair of cables. Not sure what they are going to be but he is excited for me to try them....

Are the Belden really that bad? Can they be the cause of the raspy bad guys?

I am really looking forward to this... not so much for my wallet... she is scared. 

Looking forward to the great experience here on the GON...
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My question also chrisr ... sometimes here on the Gon simple, quality cables dont get a fair shake... the 2000$ cables didnt really kick the Belden in the pooper. 
Captbeaver, What amp are you using for your evaluation of the 10t's? I know you are waiting on some Parasound amps, but could the problem be the temporary amp?

YES... I am sure its the culprit! My Mcintosh didn't have enough power at all so I have never really given the 10T's a fair shake.
I am close to the 21A+.... waiting on my friend to get me the end price. I just built a power cable for her and the rack space is empty and cleaned... lol