Welborne Labs Gatekeeper AC Filter

Howdy, has anyone had have any experience with one of these units? See the link below. I believe my system can benefit from some AC filtering, but I don't know what product to check out. The only drawback to this unit that I can discern is that the outlets are not isolated from each other. Ron at Welborne suggested getting two to disassociate the digital from analog components. At 125 bucks a pop that's not too unreasonable a suggestion. I've also considered some models from Panamax and Brickwall.

AC Gatekeeper
I suggest you try putting some ferrites on your power cords
and the .47uf Auricaps recommended at:


on your AC outlets.
If anyone has installed these caps, do they fit inside the workboxes with the outlets? The website suggests two per outlet. Run the leads on the caps to the hot and neutral screws on each outlet. Am I interpreting their instructions correctly? The disclaimer following the description isn't too comforting:
Caution: Auricaps are NOT rated for AC line use. Although several manufacurers use these caps in this manner for filtering, and many others have performed this tweak without incident,! doing this tweak is at your own risk. Do not attempt unless you have a basic working knowledge of electricity and house wiring, and take the necessary precautions. * Safety, safety, safety...

For clarification I've done a lot of wiring in my house. I'm not shy about this sort of work.

Also, can anyone recommend a source for the ferrite clamps?

The .47uf Auricaps should fit in a standard wall outlet. You
can also install them inside your equipment. They're also an excellent replacement for the cheap prerectification line
filter caps found on most SMPS inside DVDPs and CDPs.

Here's a source for ferrites:

Thanks for the input. I'll look into it and let everyone know what happens.
Question: what end of the power cord does one attach the ferrite clamps to? Closer to the wall plug or closer to the component?

I'll try both and see, but I was just wondering what others have done.