Weizhi PRS6

Good Day All,

I plan to purchase the Weizhi PRS6 but I’d like to obtain some user comments on this power conditioner.
Do you think it is one of the best/ best power conditioning product?
How would you describe its character? (I’ve read Dagogo rave review)
Does the power cord from wall outlet to the Weizhi having big influence on the sound? Any recommending PC brand?
How would you rate it against the PS Audio PPP or Shunyata Hydra 2?
If I go ahead and purchase the PRS6. It’ll be my biggest spending on an audio in term of quantity and cost (6 receptacle for US$3000) !:-)
An extract of my gears – Shunyata Hydra 2 with Analysis Plus Oval 10 (power MC501’s), PS Audio PPP with Analysis Plus Oval 2 (power mod Primare CD31, Audio Research Ref 3) , Nordost Quatro Fil ICs and bi-wired Grover SX SCs (4 cables)

Thanking you in advance
The best is AUDIENCE 6TS with A24 cord.Much better than Weizhi.
Check this, from another Agon member.