Weiss Minerva Dac

Anyone using this dac straight into your power amps without a preamp? If so does it sound better with or without a pre?
Wow, I guess no one ownes the Weiss Minerva.

I hate getting Goose eggs when I post a thread.
Are you aware of how the Minerva deals with volume? I am very interested in this DAC (well, actually the Weiss dac 2 pretty much the same thing). From what I have read about it and Weiss' dithering scheme, it should work very well. To date, the DACs I have had around here (including the BADA Alpha), they all sound better straight in if they were capable of driving the load, That said, I am confident that the Weiss would be more than capable considering they are coming from a recording perspective. If you are in the market for one, I'd consider saving 2k to get the DAC 2.
Just ordered the Weiss Dac2 myself, but will be running it through a preamp(Joule Electra LA-150 MkII).