Weiss Medea-MAC Pro 16/44 - 24/192 Ultimate Conn

Hello Guys!

I recently bought a Weiss Medea to connect it with my Mac Pro.

I'm interested in the best possible connection in order to pass both PCM signals as well as 24/192Khz.

I suppose the best option is to buy the Weiss Vesta Firewire interface. Is there any other alternative?

The Medea owners what do you use for connection with a computer?

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You might want to take a look at ComputerAudiophile.com. Those guys are really handy when it comes to anything Mac or PC audio related.
Good luck
you could use a "Lynx AES16 sound card" & a "D-sub to XLR cable" to connect your Mac Pro to the Medea.
Thanks Guys!

Alexsee I have seen this card, but its quite expensive, I might as well buy the Weiss Vesta with a Weiss AES/EBU cable just for the peace of mind!

i suppose Firewire is the best connection for this kind of applications!

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I finally settled at the Weiss Vesta firewire and jitter suppresion interface. I am now using a firewire cable from my Mac Pro to the Weiss Vesta and a AES/EBU from the Vesta to the Medea. That is for sampling rates up to 96khz. For 176.4khz and 192khz you need two cables from the Vesta to the Medea.
The sound of high definition audio, 176.4 that I listened, is really something else. :)

how much u bought it for? are u happy with the sound?
Hi Zee911!

Are you talking about the Weiss Medea or the Weiss Vesta?

Now Weiss Medea and Weiss DAC1-MK2 have both Firewire interface installed in the box . Has anybody compared Weiss topline dacs with DCS or Wadia staff ?

HD performance of Weiss products are very well known and said to be one of the best products in the hi-end category. What about the 16/44 Redbook CD performance ? Do you have any idea ?

I have not compared directly, but I have owned EMM LABS CDSA, I own the Medea, and have heard DCS Puccini in my system.

IMHO the Medea is in a class by itself!