Weiss Jason + Medea Digital Cable

Any members here own this hi end combo can advice me prefered digital cables? I'm currently using 2 x XLR digital cables connecting the left+right channel but I'm not sure if it's advantage over using only one. Any info appriciated.
It's my understanding that the first two versions of the AES chords could not handle 24/194 or 24/176.4 sampling rates - too much data. Weiss provided left and right AES connectivity so the Jason/Medea combo was capable of handling these high bit rates.
Thanks Maxx2man, all XLR connections ( even single) can handle 176.4 mhz but 44.1 is muted on the dual left & right connection.
Maxx2man is correct of course. I also found my Jason/Medea very sensitive to what cables were used to connect them. My system is rather revealing (Marten Coltranes and Vitus Audio). I settled on a pair of Analysis Plus Gold XLR interconnects.