weiss int202 with Audio Note dac - good or bad?

I am in the process of trying to buy a Weiss int202. I have a Rega dac at the moment.
My thinking is to firewire from mac mini into the Weiss, then come out the Weiss into a balanced Audio Note dac, then into an Art Audio Carissa (845 tubes).
My goal would be to bring hi res 24/192 data into a 1x oversampling dac. The 1x oversampling should not care if it has redbook or hi res going into it, should it?
I would like to hear from folks who have done this. It seems like it could be the best of both worlds so to speak.
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If your Audio Note will accept 24/192 is should work great. It is a awesome converter, my guess is you will love it...
I just spoke with Brian Smith of AudioNoteKits. He said that all AN dacs max out at 24/96. He also suggested that any difference between 24/96 and 24/192 would be virtually imperceivable.
I think the combo will still sound pretty good at 24/96 but it would be nice to prove to myself that any improvement would be negligible.

Anyone running any true 24/192?