Weiss Dac2 - anyone use upgraded feet on it?

I was thinking of using something other than the stock rubber pads under my Weiss Dac2. Anyone have any suggestions?
I'm sure it would take it to a new level.(LOL)
I'm sure it would take it to a new level.

Yes a new level - 5mm above the shelf.
Hey show some respect for a veteran Gooner. =8^D

I am using Equarack footers under my Minerva with good results.
Respect - hmm... :)

I am using the standard feet on the Weiss DAC2 - I did not notice much difference when moving around the Weiss onto different platforms or so. The rubber feet on the DAC2 are probably better than the audiophile approved footers on the Minerva.

The Weiss is pretty sensitive to interconnects though - very different sound for each interconnect.
Hey, I assumed it was OK to ask questions here...
Thanks to those who responded with helpful info.