weird static sound?

Hi, i have an mhdt constantine dac connected to an onkyo carousel changer via digital coax cable and seem to be getting a weird static sound. it seems to rear its head when there is a lot of low treble high midrange energy. Could someone tell me what my problem might be and how to fix it? thanks
Is this setup running through your Prima Luna tube integrated amp? If so, it could be a bad tube possibly. If no tubes involved, I'm at a loss.

It is running through the prima luna, but the sound goes away once i stop the disc from playing, i have done a litt le reading here and it sounds like it could be something coming through on the interconnects or a capacitor, but i am still unsure what.
I had a similar issue recently. It turned out to be a power issue affecting the digital front end. After much research, electricians, and good advice from my local dealer, I added a stage 1 power conditioner to my cd player and the noise went away.
thanks jack,
how did they determine it? it is extremely intermittent with me, i may only here it a couple times in 3-4 weeks but it bugs the crap out of me when it happens. what is a stage 1 condtioner? thanks