Weird problem noticed last several playings...

The system: CJ PV-10AR preamp, Emotiva XPA-2 Gen3 amplifier, Yamaha BD-1060 Disc Player, Bluesound Node 2i streamer, Maggie 17i speakers,  2 Emotiva BasX10 subs. 

Fairly suddenly , over last several listenings - especially with the female background vocals on "California Dreaming" there a lack of detail, a muffled sound, and it sounds like much of the detail, punch and soundstage has disappeared on all sources. 

I am hoping (even though they are only a couple years old) it's one of the CJ tubes but does anyone have any diagnostic ideas (aside from "your system sucks, replace this or that. This is particularly galling as I have been a budget audiophile for 40yrs and the system, when right, sounds amazing and just what I want.) 

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If this was a tube or speaker issue it is rare they all fail at the same time.

Swapping speakers, or tubes should help diagnose, but if the problem is systemic, it's possible the regulator on the PV 10 has failed, or one of the cascaded diodes has. 
I like the PV 10, but the thing the later generations did well was to split up the voltage regulator into multiple sections so the chances of one regulator failing was rarer, not to mention offering better power supply isolation.
Last thing to check is leave the cables connected at the amp, but swap the speakers they go to.