Weighting down Vandy 2wq's?

After owning two 2wq's for a few years, I felt they had more to offer in impact and tautness than I was realizing from my system. I hit upon the idea of mass loading the top of each sub. A quick trip to Walmart and $78 later, I had placed one 45 lb. weight lifting disc on each cabinet. The bass is deeper and tighter than ever before. The impact of each deep bass note is so much greater, giving drive to music containing deep bass content. Symphonic works benefit spacially with the soundspace benefitting from the reproduction of deep atmospheric bass. The soundspace is larger and more palpable.

I highly recommend this tweak to any and all 2wq owners. This would probably benefit other brands of subs. as well.
Did you use any send underneath the weights. They might give you an unwanted resonance otherwise IMHO.
Interesting HiFiman5,
Are your 2Wqs sitting on their spikes on carpet on floorboards or on concrete floor?
The 2wq's are sitting on their spikes through carpet and padding on a concrete slab as I have a dedicated basement room.
One last thing is to Make sure the Vandersteen 2WQ spikes are adjusted with a bubble level on top of the speaker.
This will make a nice improvement even without the weights.
Best Johnnyr
I have done that on your previous advice Johnnyr and I appreciate your knowledge and 'secrets' for extracting the very best from the Vandersteen 2Wqs.

Their performance in my system is sublime after all your help.
Hifiman5 - I have the exact same set up as you - basement, carpeted cement floor and two 2Wqs. Funny story: In an effort to get a box of spare bathroom tiles off the floor, and having very limited space for storage in my home, I put the fairly heavy box of tiles on top of one of the 2Wqs. I never thought it would improve the already incredible performance of the 2Wqs. I will have to do some comparisons with and without the box of tiles.

And thank you, Johnny R., for the tip on leveling the subs. I know that leveling is essential for loudspeakers, but I didn't realize it could make a difference with subs. When my back is feeling strong, I will give it a try.

Man, I love the A'gon forums!
Greetings Bondmap
((And thank you, Johnny R., for the tip on leveling the subs.)) sorry to hear about the back.
Read Eat right for Blood type author Peter Dadamo
helped my back a bunch
Please let us know what you think when you level them.
and Halcro glad to see you are enjoying
Best Johnnyr