Weight on power transformer

I think my power transformer is going out or something wacky is happening:)

I had  a channel that was coming in and out like a bad connection, first thought it was a cable so inadvertently placed my hand on top of the power transformer and the channel came in clear as a bell. I had to push down but it worked every single time the channel went from crackling to clear!!

Does that mean that it's about to go out?

thanks for your info.



This may sound too obvious but you can remove the top cover and visually inspect and see if there's a loose connection. The technical term for this is wiggle test....

More likely a dry solder joint somewhere in the amp. 

Try placing a piece of rosewood (2x4x4?) on it.
You may benefit from vibration control...
Sounds like you’ve already located the problem, tiger.

If the transformer is connected directly to the chassis, it’s likely the transformer has a flakey internal connection. If the transformer is connected to a board which can flex, the problem is likely a trace on that board which has a hairline crack (probably invisible to the naked eye: try going over the traces with a magnifier, and, if you find a hairline crack, solder over the trace at that point).

If it’s not a hairline crack, the problem is probably a component with a cold solder joint. Look for a solder joint which is duller than the surrounding ones, or a joint which is shaped more like a ball than a cone. Then remove the old solder, and resolder.

Just my 2 cents. Good luck!
It's directly connected, not on a board and on top of that it's sealed so can't take the top off
Sounds like it's the power transformer.
It's designed after a Larry Moore Monaco 

i wonder how much much a replacement transformer would cost and where to get one?
Transformers should be decoupled from the chassis and isolated from the circuit boards AND wrapped with mu metal. Anything less is pure folly.