Weight Loss and MP-3

I think there were a couple of threads on this somewhere but not many answers.. Does ANYONE have any experience with portable MP-3 players? Do any sound better than others? I, too, have resolved to exercise more and wonder what the best player would be for running. Thank you.
You should probably consider whether you will be thinking about the sound quality or not while you are huffing and puffing away. Anyway - in my experience with the Nomad II, it sounds like crap. I ran the nomad II into my line3 against spdif out from comp/through proc3 and i couldn't believe how awful it sounded.
The Nomad sounding like crap is a very interesting point. I have a somewhat pricey, $600 ish ? portable head phone amp purchased from Head Room. In my dealings with Headroom, they have been very helpful, suitably obsessive, and seemingly unbiased as they are quick to recommend even things they don't sell. They think the Nomad personal jukebox sounds "as good as a portable CD player". Of course, that doesn't mean much. It seems like little MP=3 players SHOULD sound like crap, but I sure wish someone could tell me otherwise. Good music would relieve the huffing and puffing considerably.
Maybe you could take up a sport. Running sucks as much as portable mp3 players. Or get a foldable treadmill and slap it in the sweet spot. Both would cheaper than $600, unless you like hockey.
Oh, sorry I read that wrong, it's late. I thought the mp3 player was $600. Carry on, men.
Bought a Nomad Jukebox for my wife. Sounds better than a portable cd player with anti-shock on, certainly good enough to enjoy while walking or jogging, but its heavier. The smaller Nomad II isnt as good, but still better than a portable cd with anti-shock. The headphones these come with aren't bad. The small Rave 2200 has better features than the Nomad II but the Nomad headphones are much better. These things sound good enough to enjoy while exercising. You could try dancing by yourself to Zydeco played on your home system, or using a small stair-stepper in the sweet spot.