Website leaking oil?

Has anyone checked the classified section of AudioReview lately? Specifically, since they changed the way they run it? There used to be mountains of equipment for sale. Now, there seems to be almost nothing. I have bought some equipment through classifieds on AudioReview, and lament what has happened.
Sort of like hot night spots... the hot web sites grow and fade with amazing speed. One month it's big and exciting.. then you go and wonder what happened????
There was a previous post on this. Apparently they thought that charging a percentage of the sale would be appropriate. One example showed that it would cost 8% to sell a piece of gear there as opposed to $2 here on Audiogon. I don't know what those guys were thinking, but it's pretty obvious there are better alternatives than spending 8% to sell a piece of expensive gear.
Yes there is sliding scale for items sold based on sale price with "special" introductory fees until 6/15 after that
they don't say. These "introductory" fees are lower than the
ones originally posted there. Here is link to special rates
until 6/15:

With these rates a sale of $525 will generate fee of $13.25
There is no cost to post add, but I definitely will stick with Agon for my sales.
Perhaps these promotional fees will become the normal fee after 6/15, if they go back to fee schedule they originally posted I can't imagine many people using the service. I bet they got some bad feedback on original fees and are trying to find what the market will bear.
It would make sense to base them (the fees) on what Ebay currently charges. I find the scale that Ebay uses to be more than reasonable for the service provided.
spring has sprung... summer is on it's way...people are outside?
I looked it over too, & I think that they're doing more than just posting ads for that kind of dough. If I understand correctly, they're acting as transaction-facilitator & escrow agent go-between between seller & buyer, thus explaining their greatly increased fees. Could be worthwhile as a means of protection for both parties involved. Would certainly be worthwhile in some cases, but should be an optional extra-cost feature if implemented (here) as there are plenty of sellers here whose reputation does not require any outside supervision whatsoever.

Don't give Audiogon any ideas! We don't need such "improvements" and "enhancements" here, thank you.
Charging a percentage makes perfect sense. The extra computational and network overhead involved in displaying the extra digits and bigger numbers in the more expensive, upper product range equipment is what does it.
they used to get more ads in a day than in a week. i emailed norbert about it, & he politely responded that he understood if would no longer take adwantage of the site. i'd tink they have to do some *serious* adjusting to make it wiable - perhaps going back to the old system for those not interested in the escrow/etc stuff...