Weber Wire Speaker Cables: are they directional?

I dug up a set of Weber Cable I bought from an Audiogon member some 7 years ago! I never used it due to its oversized spades but now that problem is overcome. But I left with a query as whether they are directional as all I can see are these metal tags on each end of the cable with their logo positioned the same way on all ends. Hence there's no way of identifing whether they are directional or not. Can anybody help me on this? Also has anybody got the Weber Wire downloadable pdf file I can have so that I can also read more details about them? I tried the Threshold Lovers website but couldn't do it from there. Any advice and info will be appreciated. Thank you.
Not sure if they are directional, but if you send me your email address, i'll get you the pdf file.
If cables are not marked you connect the cables in the direction of the writing on the cable jacket.