web-based audio library that can stream to DLNA?

At the moment I have all my FLAC in a Synology.
I also have two DLNA streamers (Neet aristream and my Denen AV Amp).

Synology gives you a media server and a really bad 'audio service' which is a webapp for streaming and library management. I tried to use it with my Neet streamer and it didnt work. Its also bad when it comes to searching for things.

So, Im looking for alterantives:
1) with a web interface that can use a existing ynology DLNA db or even build a new one from a shared folder
2) manage, search and play flac etc (like an itunes on web)
3) play the audio through the DNLAs ___not___ "locally" or "via the browser"
4) linux or docker based please! Daphile for example is cool but can only use DACs attached to the systems (right????)

I use Logitech Media Server, but only because I still have a Squeezebox Touch.

Now, I'd probably explore


I have a Synology NAS and I use the Disc Station Manager web portal to manage files and such but not to stream. Looking at the multimedia packages available they do support Logitech Media Server, DVBlink, Plex, Minimserver, and a few others.

I use an Auralic Aries Mini to stream so use their Lightning DS app. There are other options out there like Roon and JRiver, take a browse through the forums this topic has come up daily it seems in the last 4-5 years.
I think Logitech Media Server is the best bet!!! configuring now! Volumio is just like a basic HEOS/Denon buildin thingy.