Weakened 300B tube signal

Dear audiophile friends: – the tubes (Golden Dragon) I am using in my VAC Renaissance amplifier are getting old (3000 hours). The sound level coming from the amplifier is lower comparing to the level when the tubes were new. What worries me is the change in the level of the sound: the high frequencies still sound “normal” while the lower frequencies are much reduced. Is this type of phenomenon normal? Your opinion will be appreciated…
Your tubes are deading and you need to retube(try the new WE300B and you will like it better).

Hello, This is Darrin at Audio Limits.
I would have to say that it is time to replace the tube's.
edle is correct in recommending the WE 300b's they are incredible however charlie has stopped production on them as they are moving the factory into Alabama. we should be receiving 100 pairs hopefully by next month if you are interested. at this time they are very hard to find new with warranty.
my experience with Western Electric 300bs in my VAC 70/70 was just OK, nothing special. I think it really depends on the circuit that is using the 300b. The VAC is not the ordinary 300b amp. I've tried Western Electric, Golden Dragon and JJs, and the JJs were by far the best. A nice big solid sound, with plenty of detail and energy. I got a matched OCTET at eurotubes.com for under $700! definitely worth it!
Of course the WE 300B(even the legendary NOS WE300B) sound bad in the VAC 70/70 amp....only idiot designed an amp like this......