weak left signal Melos SHA gold any quick/good fix

i've noticed the right channel carries much more oomf... noticed through the speakers and the headphones. Any quick fix for this issue? Or a reasonably priced not-so-quick but better solution?

Try to find one of the former Melos employees to repair the unit. (Perhaps one of the Audiogon members can help).
I dont think it is a quick easy fix. My Melos cost $500+ to repair and upgrade before the Melos restoration buisness folded.
yeah, I will try switching out the tubes, though i hope i haven't burnt the the siemens CCa's I have in there this quickly. I would love to locate a former melos employee and have been in touch with audio horizons about more extensive modifications including a stepped attenuator, upgraded caps and a power supply that would be in a separate chassis that's just a little outta my budget at the time. If one tube has been burning harder for longer will it die quicker? and will the channel associated with that tube have a weaker output as its days come to a close? This is actually my 1st piece of tube equipment so there's still plenty i dont know.
Melos is either back in business or will be soon. Email Mark at this address:

Mark Porzilli - mark@novaphysicsgroup.com

I do know a tech in Long Island, NY who can repair the Melos gear. If interested email me and I will get you his info.
Oh my... i was under impression that Mark Porzilli was no longer living... Is it true that he is still alive? I do hope so, though I am new to melos it's truly lovely stuff and when I heard mr. Porzilli had died i was quite disappointed someone like him had been lost. Anyway i will email for the LI tech info. But please do confirm Mr. Porzilli's current status here to help correct what might be a rather morbid rumor.


Corresponded with Mark by email as stated above on Dec. 14, 2009. I am not that familiar with the entire Melos thing as I only recently picked up the Melos MA-333 preamp. The tech is changing the attenuator for me. See Mark's email to me below:

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Thank you. You're in. We are late but 2010 has Melos opening with the only authorized upgrades and center in the world. They will email you once it's open.

Mark Porzilli