We've owned B&W speakers since late 80's

Hello everyone,  We bought B&W 802 matrix 3's and moved into surround sound.  So purchased rear 802 matrix3's and a HTM center speakers. Along with P.S.E. studio 4's until 2005, then changed over to P.S.E. studio 5's. We were pretty happy with it. The house caught fire.  In the asbestos removal they through away all the audio? Ive been looking around for a replacement system? Its like a new world out there! Any suggestions?????
It's a big world out there. Go listen to some things and see what you like, then try to buy it used here on Audiogon.
@roxy54 And that is why brick and mortar dealers are vanishing. Don't do that please find a dealer that you like if you can and work with him. Listen to as much as you can and take good advice. The support that dealer. Good luck.
Well i went back to the dealer. Hes got all the new B&W speakers.  And moon audio power amplifiers and marantz 8200??? 
Sorry the 8802 Marantz surround processor.  But these speakers are really expensive and the moon audio amps are middle of the road ? Any suggestions? 
I live in Denver, Colorado.  Lusten up has been the last cornerstone of home audio in Denver since we purchased our speakers upstairs.  DM 7Mk II's hooked up to a Pioneer intergrated amp 9200. Tu506 denon tuner and the trusty old RX-2 we had hundreds of albums.  Now all gone. 
Well if you can wait a bit since your in Denver on October 6-8 will be what's widely regarded as the country's best audio show RMAF.


Also not sure why you call Moon amplifiers, Simaudio is the name of the company, middle of the road? They are generally highly regarded and I daresay higher than B&W in certain circles regardless of their respective prices. What is your overall budget for all of this? Looks like Listen Up also have some other solid speaker brands, Magnepan, Tannoy, Sonus Faber, Golden Ear (a newer brand that a lot of folks here seem to like) etc. Take your time and go in there with open ears and listen to some stuff. Don't be sold, listen and buy. Trust your ears.
I.will.be taking your advice.  It's been a while since we've been out of our house for a year now and still waiting on the American Family insurance to come through with funds. So  Thank you for your assistance in this situation.  We are trying our best. But we are still trying to rebuild just the house.  Then we're hoping to refurnish the house. So hopefully we wiol catch the RMAF. Appreciate the help!!!Sincerely Old to New 2112
Great and good luck and you could easily find yourselves getting better sound for less money than you originally would have spent.
@jond ,  great advise on working with a B&M dealer and attending the RMAF.  The operator will be able to preview audio components and speakers at a very wide price range.

@lalitk Thanks I am lucky enough to live near a great dealer myself and have come to realize had work with them years ago rather than churning through dozens of used components I would have likely saved money and had a better system sooner.
@oldtonew2112, how did you do with the insurance company and the payout on the incident? It seems like there was just a thread discussing whether we need additional coverage for media and equipment or should our general homeowners policy cover everything, especially if the system was $10,000 or less.

PS. I am really enjoying my 2 channel system featuring ProAc speakers, Audio Refinement (YBA) separates, a modified Rega RP6 turntable and custom made Mogami cables. I also use it for AV 2 channel (see system details).
Now this insurance company is the most sued company in Colorado.  American Family insurance.  The best way to cover yourself. Is unfortunately a little more.  Its like a nice kick to the growing. After getting knifed and robbed. Get a policy that covers full replacement of all your contents. Because all insurance companies evaluate all your property like driving off a dealership with a new car! And check if your house is built before they outlawed asbestos in homes??? Since water damage isn't usually covered by water damage unless it's a fire ! This is still a mess after a year. The house caught fire on July, 2016. And there still dragging their ass. Sincerely old to new 2112. The asbestos removal cost $62,000.00 and make sure the asbestos company is been in the business for at least 5 years plus. Nothing is worse then losing all of our families memorys to outright theft! But according to the insurance company only half the house was included by the insurance adjuster.  After the engineering and independent adjuster and law firm. And the permits and getting a green contractor.  Remember your house products like beds, couches, insulation wood has all kindd of poisons in them like (silver fillngs. )(Mercury)formaldehyde in all kinds of good poisons. They payed out only $104,000.00 and the rest of the insurance is payed for by the contents of your home. There's new laws on building codes.since 2012. Like hurricane codes. In Colorado? Yep ! Its a wild new world out there.  And all electronic devices are going to have be replaced.  Yes even if it was purchased yesterday.  The house before the fire was worth $320,000.00 the final replacement cost $393,000.00. The policy covers $210,000.00 structure and contents $160,000.00. So keep up with your insurance coverage.  The independent adjuster has been doing this for 35 years. And even when he talks to other insurance adjusters. They get pissed off.  Lesson learned.  Sincerely old to new 2112. 
And just to demonstrate.  My systems both upstairs and downstairs.  Was originally $25 - $30,000 original cost. The new cost of replacing most of the items is $ 72,000.00.  and change! Ouch! But the policy covers all and everything. To an insurance company.  Its just about saving their money.  So take warning!????
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Glad you and your family made out safely. Objects can all be replaced sooner or later. In regards to your audio gear, your biggest loss will probably be your LPs. Those will be hard to replace. One suggestion; when rebuilding the house, consider in-wall wiring for the speaker cables and put jacks in places where your speakers might be ultimately located. You'll be happy later.
In Germany the Insurance companies must pay full replacement on every
loss by law . They are allowed no more than 5% yearly profit , still no shortage of them . Must be something in the water .