We spend too much time talking about tweeters

I do it too. I'm guilty.

Just saying.  85% of the sound out of a speaker if not 95% is not in the tweeter, but the marketing people have us talking more about them than anything else.
MC...Give it a rest,we know you shill for Tekton ....take to their forum,please.
I don't think the percentage of the sound is the key.  It's the percentage of potential problems with the sound.  If the tweeter only produces 5% of the sound but 50% of the potentially troublesome problems then it deserves more attention.  I hardly ever talk about tweeters myself.
I think that its because tweeters handle what we thought was the majority of the range. First off, I thought I could hear to 20k because I’m still young.  Well I can barely hear to 15k; maybe I’m not so young anymore too thats a different conversation.

So yeah, if we think we can hear to 20k, and tweeters are crossed over at 3.5k then that’s 16.5k of a 20k range...

By “we” I meant normal people who don’t know about audio.  Doesn’t apply to you guys...
85% of the sound out of a speaker if not 95% is not in the tweeter

True, depending how you measure it -- yet 95% of the *irritation* comes from the tweeter. That's why people talk about them.