We Need An Audiophile TV Channel

The average person needs to be exposed to stereo equipment, both modern and vintage.

Someone needs to start an audiophile TV channel on cable which demonstrates equipment.

Or is there one out there already that isn't on my local cable? I've got AT&T U-verse and have had Comcast.
So the masses can be exposed to the absurdity of $5,000 power cables, clever clocks, nonsense arguments against double blind testing, cable break-in and the like?

Better to keep the nonsense within a group that drinks deeply of the Kool aid.
You should be listening to music not watching TV!! TV is the devil's right hand,the cause of all the troubles plaguing modern man!! For that matter,so is this damn computer!!
I just disagree with the common assumption that if you expose the masses to high-end audio that they will flock to it in untold numbers, or in any numbers actually. I just don't think that that will happen. I have many friend and assorted other acquaintances that upon hearing my system are very impressed and yet none, and I mean none of them, have gone out and purchased anything anywhere close to what could be considered a high-end audio system, and these are all people who love music. This hobby will always be a very limited niche hobby and we all just better reconcile with this fact.
Snofun3, I am with you here. I can just imagine if I go on TV and demo these tweaks, most people will think I am either a scam artist or a crook.
There used to be a program on radio, called "Audiophile Edition", if I am not mistaken. So the notion of having a TV channel or a TV program is not so far fetched.
Even if a one hour show were dedicated to Audiophila it would eventually be dominated by whom ever has the biggest advertising budget. TV would be nice but I think we should build a temple! Where Audiophiles can go and see and hear equipment, have a hall with a museum of old vintage gear and recordings. Another area with seminars on set up and understanding your equipment. Holographic images of the past great designers and reviewers. A gift shop selling replica posters and Michael Fremer key chains. Gee, my heart is racing gotta pop another prozac.
Waste of time on TV. There have been shows (not many) like this on radio which IMO reached a wider audience. They covered everything between high end and entry.
"The average person needs to be exposed to stereo equipment, both modern and vintage."

Maybe this would help the hobby?

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My exposure came from my own desire to seek out better equipment and sound. So many posts imply that the average person knows nothing about High End gear, maybe the majority doesn't really care. Maybe, if they have the bucks, they prefer a High End automobile instead. I know that Ferraris, and Bentleys are out there, but they aren't out there for me and perhaps that is how the vast majority of people feel about Audio. My feelings are if the Industry were so concerned, it is they that should start the crusade to introduce others and not by having one or two shows per year somewhere around the globe.
Interesting idea, I would enjoy watching such a channel as I now take a great deal of pleasure in seeing the systems posted here.
maybe the hobby is better off without its dissemination.

the tyranny of the minority may be preferable to the tyranny of the majority.

no tv or radio should be necessary. let people figure it out for themselves. if they don't. who cares ?

the hobby of listening to recorded music is an individual pursuit, most of the times.

when you consider the number of hours you listen to your stereo system by yourself vs with another person(s), you will realize that audiophilia tends to be a solitary endeavor.
Rickmac- I was not to happy when I opened that link up and my young daugher was in the room. A little discretion please.
Rickmac,nice stereo but inappropriate for a forum of this type.I agree with Srwooten on this one,a little discretion please.
I used to listen to Audiophile Audition on wlrh in Huntsville Alabama on Sunday afternoons on occasion years ago and recorded a few tapes off it.

Is it still around?
I didn't think the link was funny at all. Moving on . . . A lot of people might enjoy watching an audiophile channel but not so sure many viewers would indulge. I think it is like that show where the Dad and his sons build motorcyles. I enjoyed some of that and loved the end product but would not entertain the idea of owning one. HST, I would watch the Audiophile channel and probably get excited all over again about the next step up.