We Need A Separate Forum for Fuses

LOL, I'll bet I gotcha on that Title! ;)  BTW, I put this thread under "Tech Talk" category as it involves the system physically, not tangentially. 

More seriously, two question survey:

1. Do you think designer fuses are A) a Gift to audiophiles, or B) Snake Oil 

2. Have you ever tried them?  Yes or No

In the tradition of such questions on Agon, I'll weigh in as we go along... 
Feel free to discuss and rant all you wish, but I would like to see clear answers to the questions. :) 
I thought trolls were self aware. My bad.

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I've used the Black SR fuses in most of my electronics for a year or two.

They aren't either a gift or snake oil, but somewhere in between.

Some sound improvement, but with 6 fuses in my amp, it's almost a grand to outfit it...not sure that the improvement was worth a grand in retrospect.

My amp blew a fuse...which one(s)?...I don't know...I can't see the filament in the SR fuses.

Wasn't willing to swap one fuse in and out to troubleshoot as I have to disconnect cables, pull the amp from the rack, take the bottom & top of my amp off to do that...and doing that 6 times or more, right...

So, I just replaced them all with clear glass fuses. The sound? Not as "organic" as with the SR fuses, perhaps, but not all that different.

I like the sound improvement of SR fuses, but the usability/practicality leaves a bit to be desired. 

I'll leave the SR fuses in the other equipment, but I won't be buying any more of them.

Why aren’t you trolling all the other threads on the above mentioned gear and having at it?

Again with the troll card, is that all you have when you fuse "snake oil" BS get’s challenged.

And +1  kosst_amojan for your post.

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