We Need A Separate Forum for Fuses

LOL, I'll bet I gotcha on that Title! ;)  BTW, I put this thread under "Tech Talk" category as it involves the system physically, not tangentially. 

More seriously, two question survey:

1. Do you think designer fuses are A) a Gift to audiophiles, or B) Snake Oil 

2. Have you ever tried them?  Yes or No

In the tradition of such questions on Agon, I'll weigh in as we go along... 
Feel free to discuss and rant all you wish, but I would like to see clear answers to the questions. :) 
To any of the non technical audophiles here who are confused about this "snake oil" subject.
Just save your dollars and get the right quality $2 fuse from here and be be happy that your not on the voodoo’ist merry go round, changing from Black to Blue to what next, Gold!!! perhaps, fuses that do nothing more than a quality $2 one can do.


Cheers George
@georgehifi - Yes, I was kidding.
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You’re only out to prove that you are not missing something that others can hear. Why should we who do hear it, want to prove to you, that there is something you can not hear?  Double blind tests is not the way.  Live with something for a while and get used to what you hear.  Then, switch to the other and see what differences you can detect.  If you are listening with speakers that muddle the sound?   Who could hear what is needed in the first place?