We Have Arrived

Over the past few years I have seen the emergence of vinyl playback references in mass culture. It has been clear for at least the last year or so that vinyl is now "hip" and culturally this has had a small ripple effect on hifi in general. Today's NYT confirms that we now have arrived. Check out the "Home" section--there is a small piece about marketing your home for sale and whether or not to hide the stereo and LP records from view. The consensus is that a good hifi set up can enhance the attractiveness of a property on the market. Clearly things are shifting in our direction......
Only if the buyer is single and the system sounds good. Otherwise take it out.
Got a Crate and Barrel catalog a few days ago that featured a nicely decorated room with a turntable on the shelving unit.But no stereo equipment or speakers.Maybe in the next catalog?
Vinyl has been hip the last 10 years. I don't know where you get this "It's been hip the last year"
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Vinyl now isn't the one used to be before. Quality of pressing and playback suffers. I'm still in used business.
If you think a stereo system will enhance the attractiveness of a home that is for sale you are dreaming. In fact, the more expensive the home the less likely you are to see stereo equipment.