We Get Requests info please

Can find nothing substantial on the interweb on this Lp. A 180 gram reissue of The Oscar Peterson Trio. We Get Requests. Verve 2304 091. Back of jacket states the following, 180 g Superior Quality Pressing done by Pallas, Diepholz and Limited Audiophile Edition for Connaisseur Musik,..... Karlsruhe. Guessing this is not a Speakers Corner or other well known reissue. Many thanks, LS
I have the Analogue Productions reissue and it's excellent. 
Found something that said it was done in 1995 but no real info behind that. I can send you a link to what I found, it may have been an advert for it. 

sbank- i did not see this release listed in that discogs list, did you?