We get into a GROOVE.

I find that, upon listeing to a lot of music (vinyl), and trying to evaluate sonics, we can easily get "sucked" into a "lower sonic standard". This happens because, people like me, who buy new lps, become a slave to the "lower standards" that are much lower than the standards we once use to aspire to. These lps aren't up to the standards I know exist. However, one/I can easily get use to the sonics these recordings produce.

It's important to note, this isn't the standard one should aspire to! Hence, "We get into a GROOVE".

We need to stay vigilant, and keep this in mind as we, as Audiophiles, go forward into our journey.

This is one groove I try to avoid. It is very important that we AVOID it!

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Mofimadness: You got the meaning of my post correct.

I guess what I'm leaning to is a better quality, more (across the board) sonic standard.

With all of the many labels and their differing pressing plants. Now, consider the differing producers, mastering engineers, ...

I think we may try to (at least) come to a reckoning that in the interest of lp playback, in the interest of lp playback at the highest level, we may need to consider a joint venture. A joint venture of major pressing plants dedicated , (not to profit from), but to THE best possible vinyl that will support their pressings?

In the end, all envolved will profit. "Even The End-User"