We get into a GROOVE.

I find that, upon listeing to a lot of music (vinyl), and trying to evaluate sonics, we can easily get "sucked" into a "lower sonic standard". This happens because, people like me, who buy new lps, become a slave to the "lower standards" that are much lower than the standards we once use to aspire to. These lps aren't up to the standards I know exist. However, one/I can easily get use to the sonics these recordings produce.

It's important to note, this isn't the standard one should aspire to! Hence, "We get into a GROOVE".

We need to stay vigilant, and keep this in mind as we, as Audiophiles, go forward into our journey.

This is one groove I try to avoid. It is very important that we AVOID it!

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Like any product class, some are better than others. I have vinyl from the 50s that holds its own against MFSL and SuperDisk stuff from the 70s & 80s. I've also a picked up some new pressings like Chick Corea's The Vigil and St. Vincent's Strange Mercy and find them fully the equal of the old stuff. And, all eras are subject to warps, off-center spindle holes, inclusions and all the other defects too. You pays your money and takes your chances. Happy listening!