We can finally email through Audiogon again.

I'm so glad the Audiogon staff realized the need for communication with other members and added the email back to the forum.
I so missed the contact with other Agoners.
I hope everyone feels the same as I do about this topic.
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How do we do this? I clicked on your name and sadly saw nothing I could click to e-mail you. I have greatly missed that feature
It doesn't really provide a personal e-mail link. All Audiogon did was move the "private" message (that used to have a little box that you checked to make it private), to it's own seperate link.

If read the "blog", they claim the e-mail part will be restored in a few months...I think we've heard this before?

"We hope that you’re excited to use Member On-Site Messaging 1.0! In the coming months, we’ll be introducing a new version that will enable you to send attachments and respond to messages directly from your personal email."

Roscoeiii; Go to "member lookup", type in the username of the member you wish to contact, and click "send message" under related links to the right.
I tried sending a message to Z-man to test this out. To message each other this is what I did.

Log in via the MyPage link when you first get onto Audiogon.

Then you will see the Inbox button next to the MyPage button.

click on it and you will go to another screen.

look up the member username and press member look up button

member name comes up and so does the send message link on the right

Type message and press send.

I hope this helps and I'm going to be trying this. I have missed corresponding with members. It is good to have something in place.
I sent an email to mofi. Let's see if it gets received.
I sent an e-mail to Zman as well. I hope the message is received too.
Mt10425...I did get your message, but not your e-mail address. These are still running though Audiogon.

In the old system, you could e-mail each other outside the Audiogon site. It would give each other's personal e-mail address.

This new way is a little easier than having to go back to Audiogon to reply.
Okay. It seems there's the possibility to send an email or phone # to the person this way for more personal communication.
Okay. It seems there's the possibility to send an email or phone # to the person this way for more personal communication.
08-31-12: Mt10425

Did you try to send your email address and or phone number through the new system to another Agon member?
No. I'll try it.
To me if we can talk to each other one on one now why push it? At least we have this. If you are going to try to exchange contact info to do side deals this new feature will be shut down. I know this isn't the old Audiogon of before but we are playing in their playground so we have to abide by their rules.
Jea48-did it work?
I am happy with the progress they are making. It is certainly slow, but moving in the right direction. Nice additions include sorting, zip code search by distance,location indicated in listings (at least in the US). If you look at the New Today, there seems to be a lot of new items added every day. Not sure how the selling is going (I have not bought anything lately), but there are a lot of listings. I would like them to add multiple level (at least 2) level sorting, and restore the Category and Sub-category to the listing display. I am a little surprised that the added sorting without considering 2 level sorting, but as we know, the initial implementation was a little rocky. Are people still having significant problems with the site?
Jea48-did it work?
08-31-12: Mt10425

Yes, it did.....

I did find the email in my junk email though. Not sure why the email security dumped it there
Most contact info is used to simply ask more detailed questions regarding items for sale on Audiogon, usually by phone calls. There are always a minimum number of side deals and ways to circumvent the system and sales fees. I usually ask for a phone number before buying, whether here, AA or usaauiomart. I willingly provide mine for any potential buyers too. Most everyone plays by the rules mot of the time. Now that we can talk, I'm getting ready to put some items up here again.
Way cool DUDES!!
One thing to remember is when you get the message in your personal e-mail inbox is do not reply to that message. Your reply will get bounced back. To reply to the message one must log into your page on Audiogon and go to the Inbox and reply to the message from there. I got a message from an A'gon member and pressed the reply button out of habit. My message got bounced right back to me. Stupid I know and I'm sure a lot of you know this already but I just wanted to put that out there.