We are normal unlike the rest eh??? ha ha

Check this out boys, fun - Ravi

Thanks for the video. Music just maybe the common thread that binds us all together.

LOL, the look on the wife's face as their husbands answered the question how much money they had invested in their system is priceless. Never ask a guy how much money he has invested in his system in front of his wife.... That's mean, just plain mean!
Thanks rapogee - very entertaining!
Excellent video...it is too bad that there are not more responses here...This is why we do what we do.
Bearotti, this film has been around for at least a year and there have already been numerous threads about it both here on AudiogoN and on audioasylum......which is why the majority of people have no 'further' comment.

as an 'honorary' member of the Audiophile Club of Athens both in fact and in spirit; it is a personal film for me.
Thank you so much Mikelavigne, I am always on Audiogon for years and years now and I missed this excellent Video out, thank you so much!

I'm new to Audiogon so I haven't seen any threads on this.
I loved the film and enjoy hearing and reading insights and thoughts from members with systems like the ones shown and of course Mikelavigne's.
Thank you Rapogee for bringing it to my attention
Yes, I too had never seen this before...guess I missed it, but I am so glad I have seen it now. I am going to show it to my girlfriend this afternoon.
Bearotti,I hope you read this in time.I made the mistake of showing the film to my wife yesterday.I had to sleep on a uncomfortable couch last night.Today shes lining up travel agencies for a 7 day cruise.I was going to use that money for a new amp.They just dont get it.
My two cents: These guys become ecstatic when listening to music. But you don't need those $$$ gear to become ecstatic! When listening to some Mozart pieces via a car stereo or table top radio the music can also turn you into a state of "ecstasy". On the other hand: music can sound very "goosebump inducing" impressive and real through a big bucks system, especially the more large scale music (Mahler symphonies for example). But there is also a small drawback: it is contradictory, but when the reproduction is very real the magic can be less, because you are being confronted with "bare" facts and there is no more room to "romanticize".

Dazzdax,Your kidding,right ??
When the reproduction is very real the magic can be less ??
Being confronted with bare facts leaves no room to romanticize??
Gee I guess I should have bought a Bose radio and better mufflers for my car
Rapogee -
"Thanks!" I had not seen that before. While I don't have those Euros invested in my system - none the less, the spirit is the same. Thank you again.

after seeing that film i want to toss my VPI Aries out on the junk pile! If i'm getting this right, these audiophiles are more passionate about the ideal record player than anything else. i'm waiting for Part-II- Digital Reproduction...?
i feel somewhat alienated now (more like a total loser!) spending 90% of my time listening to CD's. what was the name of the magnetically-suspended turntable again...?
For me it is the undefinable musical experience that drives the obsession, but I must humbly admit that it is about the equipment at least as much as the music.

There I said it. My name is Keith and I am an gear-o-holic.

Audience - 'Hi Keith'
Hi Keith!
97,8% of all discussion here is about (commercially produced) gear.
You're fine.
(Did you take your medication??)
what lps are playing in back ground ,what are the titles to them anyone know,
I saw this a while back.

These guys are using budget gear and are obviously not serious about music playback.


I'm so kidding.
One of the songs playing in the background is Diana Krall singing Temptation. I believe this track is on "The Girl in the Other Room" album.


Bbaxley2 - the songs in the backgroud are:

song title / artist / album

temtation, diana krall: the girl in the other room

mango for mingus, pierre dorge's new jungle orchestra: music from the danish jungle

sonata for solo cello opus 81, yo yo ma: solo

dance of the sugar plum fairies, tchaikovsky: the nutcracker

hey big spender, peggy lee: the best of miss peggy lee

elgar cello concerto opus 85, jacquliene dupre: elgar cello concerto/sea pictures

love reign o'er me, the who: quadrophenia

hope that helps!
Obviously the REAL crazies are into tubes, vinyl and horns. Did anyone ID some of the gear these guys have? How about that suspended counterweighted stand that can keep the music playing through an earthquake??
I have a nephew 40ish with a 1/4 million US$ house, $40,000 car, + another good car, $40,000 wedding, $10,000 vacations, snow machine, boat, nice furniture, and more. On the same income, driving a $3000 car and in a cheap apt, that gives me about 1 million $ to spend on hifi gear!
The humor of the situations presented in this video are immediate and obvious. The fact that I could personally identify with what these people were saying made me feel a little strange.

And asking about the money in front of the family was just plain wrong. I can't believe they actually answered! The system I've established with my wife is very simple and effective. When she asks me what one of my toys (ehrrr, I mean tools!) cost, I reply with, "..not toooooo much." That's code for, "Let's change the subject, because nothing good can come from the real answer to your question, sweety."

Works for us.
One of the interesting quotes from the piece is where one of the guys estimates (I think) a 25% increase in performance from the rack itself (which was quite elaborate)

Certainly to the non audiophile viewer this seems almost delusional, but I really believe it based on my experiences with SIstrum stands on my speakers and turntable.

The problem is that now Sistrum is coming out with their Stage line which is solid brass, and will cost approx $7000 per shelf. That would mean a 6 shelf unit would be $35,000 !!!! I want one but can't afford it.

They will also have a cheaper steel version eventually,(which I'll have to find a way of getting) but I feel exatly like the subjects of that documentary.

I often wonder about my own psychological needs and why I am so obsessed with getting better playback. As a film maker myself, I would love to interview an audiophile psychologist or psychiatrist that could sheld some light on our obsessional behavior.

Of course very often men have these little hobbies they get very wrapped up in time wise, financially, and emotionally, so I suppose audiophilia is just another manifestation of this need.
"...it's the stuff that dreams are made of, sweetheart."

...and how we make 'em come true is the real story.

More videos such as this one, are needed.

Thanks for that one.
One of the songs playing in the background is Diana Krall singing Temptation.

More like: Diana Krall is "murdering the song" Temptation. Sorry - not much of a temptation for me ;) (Tom Waits fan)

On the other hand great movie. Make sure to check out the website of Athens Audiophile Club, in particular the huge selection of turntable pictures.
Is the audio part (background music) of the video a "live" recording of the music that was playing through the audio systems? Or was it "mixed" after the shooting of the video? In the Sakuma video's one can actually hear how his system really sounds.

Restock - LOL about Diana Krull(sic). I was watching "The Dirty Dozen" on TV the other day and Telly Savalas' character shouted out "Keep that Cheap Wailing **** Quiet" - immediatly made me think of Ms. Krall.
I just finished watching the video. (sniff) I suddenly don't feel so....alone. KIDDING!

It's well done and could be useful for non audio-nerds to get an idea about what drives folks like us.
Great video, Had never seen it before. I agree with Kalan, it's investigative reporter viewpoint should make it an excellent 20 minute introduction to non-audiophiles as to what our hobby really consists of and hopefully can get across to them some of the real passion/obsession/compulsion/enthusiasm for it. I'd like to see more videos done like it too.