WD 40 to remove scratches on vinyl !

On You Tube, saw a guy wipe the surface of a vinyl, with WD 40 to remove sratches...  I dont know if it is a good thing to do for the stylus cartridge ?
Sure am glad you aren't serious.  Wait....  You really aren't serious, are you?
He’s wrong, don’t do it!!!!!

Try WD 33 1/3, it’s made for vinyl. 
@wcfeil-  My first good laugh today!  THANX(I needed that, after the horrific thought of applying WD-40, to a vinyl)!
My friend's daughter "cleaned" his LP collection with a pumice stone.  Your WD40 idea comes close.
Take 57 minutes out of your life and watch the Live Origin lecture on cleaning records. It does a good job to debunk all all of those sake oil salesmen on youtube.
WD 40 doesn't fix scratches.
BUT as the cleaner of last resort!!
If you have a non-scratched record suffering with surface noise which
no amount of cleaning fixes, then....
Wipe the record with a clean paper cloth wetted with WD 40.
Then rinse the record under a tap, trying not to get the label wet.
Voila! I have a small number of charity shop records which are
now quiet and play well. WD 40 saved them from the rubbish tip.
The dirtiest record in the world can be cleaned sufficiently without WD-40. 

Spray WD-40 on brass and see what happens after a week or two. WD-40 is corrosive to some metal; which might not be good for yout cartridge.
I have found the best product for cleaning is called "Last"
Do not know if it is still made.
I simply use a little warm water on a lint free Clothe.
There are two products from LAST. LAST lubricant/preservative and a cleaner called All-Purpose Cleaner.

Last Record Cleaner is still available from The Last Factory, as well as some audio retailers.  It is expensive, but works to remove all the grit and grain of new or (some) original pressings.  Most of my records are already "Last'd" (I have been using it since the late '60's).  But it DOES NOT remove scratches.  So far as I know nothing does.  
Lets just say that putting WD 40 on records actually helped smooth out the grooves (and I'm not saying that!) anyone want to take a crack at what kind of damage might WD40 do to the stylus/cartridge? :-)
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The video is amazing.  Others have tried this and have found that it did eliminate almost all noise.  Unfortunately during play the stylus gets so much sludge deposited on it that even after multiple plays the stylus still dredges up gunk.  The reviewer stopped after 2 plays.  I don't think it's a good idea to use your stylus to clean up this mess.  There is a device called the sugar cube which apparently does a great job of removing pops and clicks without adding a noticeable sonic signature. 
Try Formula 420. It comes in a mix for plastics. Its sold for cleaning smoking paraphenalia, but I'm sure it does a great job on records. They also have one for metal and glass if you're into that kind of stuff.