WBT vs Eichmann

Are Eichmann better ?
Interesting you should ask as WBT just announced their new plugs... look a lot like bullet plugs.....

It will be interesting to see what hapens to RCA's in general if this new style of plug catches on...
From an ergonomic and ease-of-use standpoint, I prefer the Eichmann bullet plugs. They grip the RCA connectors tightly, yet remove easily...no confusion about which way to turn a locking barrel. They are also less fragile. From a sonics standpoint, several manufacturers have told me they prefer the WBT Nextgen connectors, but I have never compared identical interconnects terminated with the WBT and Eichmanns.
I like the Eichmann Silver Bullets on my Signal Cable Silver Resolution RCA's. I damaged an RCA jack and amplifier with locking barrels that clamped down so tight it was a wrestling match getting them off.
i have been told that WBT sounds more brittle, delicate, frail compared to Eichmann .And with less detail in highs.

So to me it sounds Eichmann is the way to go.
I can't corroborate what you've been told, Grissleham, regarding the sound of the WBT Nextgen connectors being brittle, and with less detail in the highs. I currently own a pair of Revelation Audio Paradise interconnects that use the WBT Nextgen, and those interconnects have none of the qualities you describe. In fact, they're the best silver ICs I've heard in my system. However, I still pefer the Eichmann Silver Bullets from the standpoint of ease-of-use...and, they sound terrific, too.
I purchased the WBT Nextgen connector with the VH Audio Pulsar digital cable and it exhibits no brittleness at all. I do agree that the ease-of-use of WBTs leaves something to be desired, but I'll live with it for now.
I agree with Tvad. It really depends on how one make the cable and terminate the cable properly. I prefer Eichmann Silver Bullet over the copper version because it sounded more open, smoother overall and less harsh in the high frequency. As far as Nextgen goes, never tried them ( since I'm already satisfied with Eichmann silver bullet for lower price) but I do own WBT 0201Es and binding posts and they're superb with imaging and overall balance.
The best part about WBTs is its unmatched build quality.
I tried all WBT Nextgen male and female(silver and copper versions),and Eichmann silver and copper at my own cables-WBT Silver sounds significantly better than anything else to my taste.Long break-in period-at least 100 hours before it start 'open'.Construction/price sucks,but performance is exellent-I never heard so many details on my familiar CD's-organic and sweet sound.WBT Nextgen female is great upgrade too.Just my 2 cents.
Grisslehamn, 'hi-fi+' magazine in issue 37 compared the copper WBT nextgens with the Eichmann Silver Bullets and a Neutrik RCA. They thought the WBT was better overall and not by a small margin. Too bad the WBT nextgen silvers are so expensive.